slide_02The musical school “en-organis”, playing a leading part in musical education, gave an impulse to the world of art with the creation of a special concert hall, which can also be used for multiple purposes.
The specially constructed building block constitutes an ornament in the region of Nea Ionia and Perissos and draws new technical specifications concerning how musical educational institutions should be built.
The art direction of the music school is based on the personal relationship amongst teachers, students and parents in order to correctly approach music in its educational context. In this way, according to the function regulations that the Ministry of Culture has set, each year the teaching and learning progress in the world of music has its starting point on the 10th of September.
Musical educational institution, given the ancient greek name «εν οργάνοις», “en organis”, which means “with musical instruments”. Instrumental and vocal music lessons are both available. A great part of the school provides the potential of learning a number of musical instruments, which constitute the traditional greek music, emphasizing mostly on the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean.

Vassilis T. Gratsounas
Maria G. Galani